The Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, TX is a natural botanical garden of unique topography situated on the west bank of the mighty Colorado River just across the street from downtown Austin, in the city of Travis County, Texas. A popular attraction to visitors, the Zilker Botanic Garden has been a permanent resident of the National Park System since the early 1980’s. The Zilker Botanic Garden offers a wonderful array of plants for all ages and a great place to get some much needed gardening education. Visitors can also learn about some of the animals and birds living in this area. The Austin Botanic Garden has four different gardens, each one dedicated to a different part of nature. Click here for facts about Austin, TX.

One of the most popular areas to visit when visiting the Austin Botanic Garden is the Central Greenhouse. This section features a beautiful rainforest environment with a variety of native plants and trees. The Central Greenhouse features a few animals such as birds, butterflies, and squirrels. Many species of flowers are native to Central Texas and feature prominently in many of the gardens. The Central Greenhouse also serves as a breeding ground for many endangered species. This is not the only section of the Botanic Garden that includes animals, birds, and insects, but it is the largest section. Click here to read about Introduction about the Texas State Capitol in Austin.

The Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, Texas is an important place for bird watching, as it hosts the annual Austin Birding and Nature Festival. This natural history museum showcases the rich diversity found among plants and animals in South America. It was one of the first sites in the world that was discovered through the use of DNA technology.