Barton Springs Municipal Pool is an outdoor recreational pool that is filled up entirely with natural hot springs. The pool has a dam on it’s upper end to prevent water from Barton Creek from entering the springs by diverting it underneath the concrete sidewalks. Learn more here.

The pool is usually open from 5am to 10pm Friday through Wednesday, although it is closed on Thursdays, when the floodgates are partially opened, lowering the pool’s level by several feet and allowing for cleaning.

Barton Springs Municipal Pool ranges in depth from 0 to 18 feet, and offers grassy hillsides with trees that provide abundant shade.

Patrons may bring resealable water to drink, but they may not bring coolers, food, other beverages, alcohol, loud speakers, or pets. Service animals are allowed.

Swimmers can bring flotation devices, but they must be used at either end of the pool and are not permitted in the center.

Items prohibited from entering the facility include coolers, food, non-resealable beverages other than water, glass containers, alcohol, loud speakers, pets other than service animals, and bicycles. Flotation devices are permitted at either end of the pool, but not allowed in the middle.

The entire facility conforms to the highest safety standards and is equipped to meet and exceed government regulations, ensuring that individuals have a pleasant stay while they are enjoying their visit to the pool. Learn more about A Popular Site to Visit in Texas – The Zilker Botanical Garden.

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