The Jack S. Blanton Gallery at the University of Texas at Austin, the largest university art gallery in the United States, is among the world’s premier museums. The building is named the Blanton Student Activity Center and it houses a museum, lecture halls, offices, and a gift shop. Visitors have access to the Blanton Museum on weekdays and to the Blanton Gallery on weekends. The Blanton Gallery showcases the works of many prominent modern artists and features the famous David Bowie. The Jack Blanton Gallery has a number of permanent collections that include works by Pablo Picasso, William Blake, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Edward Hopper, and Jasper Johns. In addition, the gallery features a large variety of works by many important abstract and contemporary artists. Learn information about Austin, TX. 

The Blanton Gallery at Austin is a great place for students who are interested in art, particularly in the field of abstract art. Many young people choose to major in art, because of its strong connection to the liberal arts. The faculty members at the Blanton Gallery work to provide students with a complete education in all aspects of fine art. In addition to offering the courses, students are able to interact with professional artists in various areas, including the installation and repair of artwork and the creation of their own masterpieces. Discover facts about Barton Springs Municipal Pool in Austin Texas -  A Good Attraction for Families to Enjoy.

For those who are considering a career in art or simply want to learn more about the history of modern art, visiting the Blanton Gallery in Austin, Texas is a perfect place to visit. The Gallery boasts one of the country’s finest collections of modern art. Whether you’re a student or an experienced artist, there are a number of opportunities to explore the art world on a virtual tour of the gallery. In addition to learning about the history and styles of today’s contemporary artists, visitors will be able to observe the different aspects of art such as painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography.