The Ann W. Richards Congress Ave. Bridge crosses Lady Bird Creek in Austin, Texas. The bridge has been named after former Rep. Ann Richards. The bridge was built in 1963 with the help of federal funds. Prior to construction of the Longhorn dam, the Congress Avenue bridge crossed the Colorado River where Lady Bird Creek is stored.  Austin, TX can be seen here.

When looking into the history of Congress Avenue bridge in Austin, TX, one can find that it was constructed in three sections. The lower section connected to the existing highway with the city’s downtown area. The second section of the bridge was a wooden trestle and was used to ferry visitors across Lady Bird Creek. The third section of the bridge was constructed of concrete and has since been replaced by the contemporary Longhorn dam. The new dam, also called the Lady Bird Austin Dam, is a great improvement over the old dam. Click here to read about Facts About Bull Creek Greenbelt, Austin, Texas.

The location of this bridge is a part of the Central Business District of Austin, where Congress Avenue connects to the rest of the downtown district. When visiting this location, be sure to pay a visit to the Austin City Limits Museum where one can learn more about Texas and its history. The museum’s exhibits include a replica of the Alamo, a replica of the Travis County courthouse, and a replica of the state Capitol. There are also some artifacts from the time of President Andrew Johnson and his administration. Visitors to the museum can also visit the historic Montopolis Mansion, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors to the museum may also want to visit the historic Westin Hotel, which is also located on the Austin City Limits Historic Landmark List.