The Austin Texas State Capitol has been built on the south bank of Lake Travis for several hundred years. It is named after Sam Houston, a famous Texan whose family originally founded the city in 1839. Today the structure is the seat of government and the capitol building of the state of Texas, which is why it is often referred to as the State Capital. In the year nineteen sixty-eight, this state capital was officially established and was named after Sam Houston, after whom the city is known today. See more here.

As the seat of government, Austin Texas holds many important meetings. There are two chambers of this capitol; the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives, which is in Austin, contains two chambers, which are in separate buildings, namely the House Office Building and the Senate capitol. The House of Representatives is made up of two hundred fifty members, who are elected by district, and are sworn in by the Governor. The Senate, which is housed in the Senate office building, contains two hundred forty members, who are also elected by district, and serve four terms, which are staggered. See here for information about Shoal Beach At Town Lake Metropolitan Park In Austin, Texas – A beautiful Peace of Paradise.

The state of Texas is also known as the Red State, because of the red-state flag that flies over its capitol building. It is said that this flag represents the blood shed for independence. The flag also symbolizes Texas as a whole, with a blue field in the center of a red background, and an anchor beneath the flag in a blue background. Another important symbol of Texas is the Eagle Statuary. It depicts three eagles and a shield containing the state’s coat of arms in gold. The flag also bears the motto “Texas Liberty” in black letters.