We negotiate and close the full range of business-related agreements our individual and business clients require to succeed. Our experience ranges from vertical integration, diversification, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliance, to financing initiatives, including private placements and venture financing arrangements, to all varieties of construction and real estate contracts and ancillary development agreements.

Our transactional team is known for delivering business-savvy legal counsel and tactical negotiation skills that are grounded in experience, efficiency, creativity, and entrepreneurial initiative. We are problem solvers who think outside-of-the-box to close even the most complicated deals. We serve as transactional counsel to individuals and emerging and fast-growth companies, closely-held businesses, middle-market companies, and other organizations involved in deals that range from thousands of dollars to tens of millions in value.

For every transaction – regardless of the size, scope, monetary value, or complexity – we focus on each client’s specific needs and bottom-line objectives. We accommodate clients involved in simple transactions and can also easily expand to support deals that require a high degree of proactive leadership, sophisticated legal analysis, and diplomatic and persuasive negotiation among multiples of deal constituents. We guide entrepreneurs seeking investment introductions and financing at every stage of the capital-raising process, as well as serve as outside counsel to established businesses seeking to expand their market position through additional financing and/or acquisitions and dispositions of assets.

Today, practically every business transaction involves real estate and/or some form of real property. Bollier Ciccone LLP delivers extraordinary depth in both personal and commercial real estate purchase, sale, and development agreements. We advise on acquiring financing and resolving survey and title issues where the preservation of real property is often the central concern of the transaction. We also negotiate leases from the tenant and owner/management perspectives and advise on all facets of homeowner/property association management.

Notably, the transactional team negotiates and drafts the terms of all types of construction development initiatives, such as architect and engineer agreements, construction and design-build contracts, management contracts (including at-risk and multi-prime agreements), general contracts (such as cost-plus, lump-sum, and guaranteed maximum price), subcontractor agreements, and architect, manager, and/or contractor termination arrangements.

Business Contracts Legal Team