Bollier Ciccone LLP clients are looking for a legal team to protect their family and assets. You deserve time with your children and an equitable share of the property, investments, businesses – and even hidden assets you might not know about. Clients dealing with these complex high asset divorces have a strong history of success with BC Law.

Trial advocacy
Trial is not appropriate for every case, but your situation might demand a rigorous litigation strategy, which is one of our strengths. Being prepared for trial often sets a litigant up for a favorable settlement outside of court. Our legal team has a record of success in the courtroom, so when it is necessary to take your case to trial, we have the skills and experience necessary to see it through.

Alternative dispute resolution
Most often, family law matters settle outside of court. Our clients require specialized attention and strategic analysis formulated with their legal team in order to determine the best course of action for their unique situation.

Whatever your specific issues, the team at Bollier Ciccone LLP will work to ensure that if your matter is appropriate for settling outside of court, you will obtain the best possible settlement.

Terms reached in regards to children may not forever be in their best interest. Circumstances could materially and substantially change and the terms once governing issues related to your children may no longer be appropriate. The lawyers and legal professionals at BC can work to counsel you in all aspects of any modification.