Leslie is just Brilliant! Best of the best. I had a very complex, challenging and difficult divorce. My case demanded a lot of focus, research, knowledge, and skill. Leslie didn’t disappoint, she went above and beyond. She built my case very well from the start making sure there was no stone unturned, looking at every detail and every possibility. She built an amazing team to fight for my case, always communicating and preparing me every step of the way. She is assertive and commanding in the courtroom; strong, intelligent, and a great litigator. The level of complexity of my case, in particular, would scare and tire many lawyers, but not her. She is passionate and dedicated to her work, I just knew when I met her that I could trust her with my life and the fight I was about to start.¬† Leslie was truly invested and dedicated in my case and was able to do what no one else has done before. I am truly and forever grateful!