Although there are many dishonest people in this world, dishonesty in real estate is the worst. I was a victim of non-disclosure after purchasing a real “lemon.” After realizing what had happened, I had no idea what to do. It’s pretty frightening when you know you have been wrongfully sold a property. I found Tony through Sandra Bullock’s law firm; I was looking for the best and knew that recourse was imminent. I had never sued anyone before and Tony guided me through the process. He understood the complex case both frontwards and backwards and laid out what I could expect throughout the ordeal. Each time we met, he prepared the file, and ensured that I was prepared to testify. He’s well connected, has great resources, and has always had my back. Because he’s so organized, he didn’t waste any time or money “reorganizing files and evidence” like some law firms do. He was cognizant of costs and was very efficient. Tony is a fair attorney, and while his approach comes across as friendly, he’s always looking for ways to get the best possible results for his clients. That’s the guy I wanted to represent me. Thank you Tony for having my back.